Chocolate Fountain Lancashire faqs

For your information we have put together some of the questions were most frequently asked:

Why choose Wonkas Chocolate Fountain?

We love the business we are in - there is nothing better than seeing a group of happy guests enjoying the chocolate fountain experience we have provided - Great job satisfaction

Whats special about chocolate fountains?

Have you ever seen or tasted one? They provide a real touch of class at any event or venue.

Do you use oil in your Chocolate Fountain?

No we use a special Belgian Chocolate that is suitable for Chocolate Fountains.

What type of event would you find a chocolate fountain?

At any type we have served them at weddings, parties, corporate events, fashion shows, exhibitions and anything else you can think off.

How long do you provide the chocolate fountain for?

We will provide you with everything you need for 4 hours use including all the dips and chocolate.

Must I supply my own dips, skewers and napkins?

We will provide everything you require. It makes a more professional and less stressful event if everything is done by us.

Will I be expected to prepare the fountain myself?

Our chocolate fountains are supplied together with a member of staff (at no additional cost) to prepare the fountain and to oversee and assist anyone using the fountain. When your event is over we will disassemble and take the chocolate fountain away.

How far in advance do I need to book?

As soon as you possibly can. Dont leave it until the last minute or you could be disappointed.

How do I book?

Call 07526 855428 or 07525 217983 or complete the online form at the top right of this page with the dates and times of your event and we will provide an invoice as written confirmation.

Do I need to make a deposit?

We require a 50 non-returnable deposit to secure your booking.

How does the chocolate get to the top tier of the fountain?

Inside the fountain is a specially made stainless steel corkscrew which rotates and brings the chocolate from the base to the opening at the top of the chocolate fountain, then it flows back down to the basin.

How many people can the chocolate fountain serve?

The fountain is easily capable of serving 500 people. If you do have more that is no problem as we will add more chocolate as required.

What can you dip in the chocolate fountain?

You can use anything edible that will go with chocolate, however, we strongly advise against anything crumbly or that easily slides off skewers for the sake of the consistent flow of the chocolate.

Will a chocolate fountain be suitable for my event?

Yes! A chocolate fountain is the latest must-have centre-piece and can be used at any event. If you are in any doubt give us a call and we will speak to you about your event.

What will I need to supply?

All you need to supply is access to a plug socket. We will not require a table because this fountain comes complete with a fully lit stand.

How many types of dips can I have?

We know that half the fun of a chocolate fountain is selecting which dip to have. We will provide a variety of dips including, where possible, your favourites.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes we have public liability insurance.

Do chocolate fountains break down and does fruit get stuck in the machine?

We choose our fountains for their reliability and stability. The fountain will run smoothly if erected correctly and with our operators on hand, we experience very few problems with our fountains.

What do I need to do on the night?

Absolutely nothing other than arrive and enjoy yourself. We look after the setup take down and cleaning and because we stay with the fountain we can ensure that it looks as good for the hundredth guest as it did for the first.